Elnur Memmedov - Sehidem Veten Sag Olsun

Elnur Mammadov was born to an intellectual family on October, 24 1982 in Baku, Azerbaijan. In 1988, Elnur started school # 2 in Baku. Later in 1992, Elnur got admitted into a famous music school #18, where his teacher was also a famous mugham singer of Azerbaijan- Alibaba Mamedov. Since than, Elnur started performing in the choir "Bənövşə", which was headed by Aphshar Djavanshirov.

Since 1993 Elnur continued his musical studies at a children's philharmonic, while attending a class of a famous singer Zabid Nibizade. In 1994, Elnur won a 1st place in a contest Gonche-94 and he was named laureate. That same year, Elnur performed at the celebration of international day of the protection of UNESCO, attended by high governmental official and former president Heydar Aliyev, who later on met with Elnur and had a conversation with him on his future career.

After graduating from high school in 1999, Elnur was admitted to the Azerbaijan State Economic University, majoring in Economics. During 2003 Elnur experienced some problems with his vocals and it negatively affected his singing career for a while, however with time he was able to sing again. Considering the social activity on the period of studying at the University, Elnur received a graduate degree by Minister Misir Mardanov. In 2003, on the birthday of national leader Heydar Aliyev in Ganja, Elnur gave his first concert with his band. One of Elnur's first biggest concerts was named after his famous song «Belə olarmı» (Is It Possible) and performed at a Green Theater in Baku. Other performances of the singer took place in several regions of Azerbaijan. Through active participation in charitable events Elnur was honoured with prestigious awards. Elnur also received the title of "Singer of the Year" and "Hit of the Year". By March 2017, the singer has released 8 albums, as well as 250 and more songs. More than 30 videos of Elnur won hit parades on television.

In 2011, Elnur played the role of Ibn Salama in the musical "Leili and Majnun". Elnur gave his concerts in Azerbaijan, as well as abroad: in Turkey (in districts and Istanbul), Germany (Cologne and Hannover), Russia (St. Petersburg), the Netherlands (Utrecht), United States (Texas and Washington ), Israel and Georgia. In 2011 in Turkey, Elnur was awarded the best artist of the year during the ceremony of Association of European Journalists. The event was attended by delegations from 27 European countries.

Since June 13, 2011 is married.